The alexander Technique

Your deserve to live without pain and enjoy your life to the fullest!

In FEEL, RELIEVE AND PREVENT pain classes You will learn a highly proven educational process known as The Alexander Technique.  This process teaches you to sit, stand and walk in the way you are designed.  

 Healing is a by product of this knowledge.  The Alexander Technique uses gentle touch and verbal guidance to teach you to RELIEVE your pain and to PREVENT further injury.  

Are you suffering from chronic pain and injury and don't know where to turn?  Empowering Directions teaches natural pain relief.

​Empowering Directions provides affordable classes so you can learn to sit, stand, walk and do the things you live without pain.  

Empowering Directions, FEEL, RELIEVE, PREVENT Pain with the Alexander Technique.  

Are you suffering from chronic pain or injury?  Are you starting to experience new injuries because the old ones are forcing you to compensate?

Are you ignoring your pain and hoping it will go away by itself?  Have you tried everything and you are still not comfortable standing, sitting and walking?

Are you getting by but noticing your discomfort is impacting your family life, your work and the hobbies you used to love?  Are you tired, unmotivated, even fearful and don't know how to make the change you want in your life and your health?