The alexander Technique

Live without Pain 

Can you remember when it didn't hurt to walk, sit or stand?  

"No man can reveal aught to you but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge."  Kahn Gibran

You learned as a child how to organize yourself to crawl and then walk.  In the process your developed a muscular support system that allowed for the natural balance and fluid movement you can observe in children.  This knowledge is deeply embedded in your thinking.

You love to move but, your life has been disconnected from participating in the things you love because of your pain.  Through the practice of the Alexander Technique the aches and pains I was starting to notice in my 40's are disappearing and I now understand how to prevent the pain I used to feel.  My hobbies are yoga, skiing, whitewater kayaking, swimming, meditation and flute.  At 62 I'm still progressing in my yoga practice, still paddling class 4 rivers and my back no longer hurts when I do that flip turn in the pool.

I learned meditation and yoga in college.  When I stumbled upon the Alexander Technique I knew it was unique and I entered The Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique ATI certificate program in 2007.  Continuing education includes certifications as a REIKI and CHIOS Master.  Presently I am enrolled in a Gestalt therapy training program.

My skills lie in a gently guidance with my hands, a calm presence and an intuitive sense that will help me teach you to heal your pain.  I listen without judgement.  I can FEEL your pain with my hands and guide your movements so you experience information that allows relief.  With this new understanding you are better able to PREVENT injury while doing the things you love.  

"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.."  F.M. Alexander

Empowering Directions was founded in 2012 so I can teach you "new habits" that allow you to FEEL, RELIEVE and PREVENT your pain.