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MAT & Alexander Technique: Conquer Pain & Misalignment

Sunday, May 6, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Katrin Elia Yoga Studio 135 Montgomery Ave Bala Cynwyd, PA 

610 660 6126

Injuries in our everyday lives happen all the time. Often after working with orthopedic surgeons, and having serval MRI’s plus physical therapy for many weeks you were told that everything will be fine…. but it isn’t. You still experience pain and discomfort. Taking a pain killer will not be the answer! But what else is out there that can help?

This panel will introduce two practices/ techniques that are very powerful and supportive for Pain Management. Both techniques even go deeper to discover the cause of the pain or discomfort. Learn what they are and how they work! You are worth it! 

Turn it on! How Activating Muscles will Decrease Pain while Improving Range of Motion – Don Wilson, Owner of Muscle Health Centers – East and West, Bryn Mawr, PA & San Rafael, CA

In his presentation, Don will address the two main questions of this fascinating healing technique below. 

WHAT IS MAT? A powerful muscular assessment tool that analyses and corrects muscular imbalances. MAT focuses on the cause of the pain by testing, correcting and maintaining muscle contractile capability.

BENEFITS OF MAT: MAT addresses the muscular systems role in chronic pain and injury. It treats the cause of the symptoms and challenges and progresses an individual’s muscular system for improved function.

Live Without Pain – The Alexander Technique – Andrea Bruno, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Swarthmore, PA

Live without pain is an introduction to the teachings of The Alexander Technique.  The technique is renown for helping you self discover movement habits that are contributing to your discomfort. Learn how Alexander lessons teaches you to move without pain and allows you to re-experience your childhood ease.


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