Additional 50 minute PRIVATE INSTRUCTION with or without group classes is available for a fee of $85.00 per session.  If your pain is severe Private Instruction is recommended until you are able to participate in a group setting.  The more time we spend together the faster you will see results.

Receive 1 FEEL, RELIEVE, PREVENT download so that you can start to deeply relax your body and injury each night before bed.

Feel, Relieve, Prevent Pain Classes

Level 2

Level 3 - You have moderate to severe pain and want to improve your mobility.  2 private sessions a month will strongly reinforce what you learn in the group and will help you reach your goal towards relieving and preventing pain more quickly.  Receive additional information to help you relieve your pain while at home.

Receive 2 additional FEEL, RELIEVE, PREVENT downloads to assist with sitting and standing while home.


Level 1


2-50 min session/mo

Learn to Sit, Stand and Walk in the way you are designed so you can prevent further pain and injuries.

Level 2 - You have mild to moderate pain and want to improve your mobility.  Schedule at your convenience 1 private session/month so you can receive individual instruction along with weekly group sessions to reinforce what you have learned during your individual session.

Empowering Directions 3 month FEEL, RELIEVE, PREVENT pain with the Alexander Technique

  • Are you suffering from chronic pain?  Are you starting to experience new injuries because the old ones are forcing you to compensate? 
  • Are you ignoring your pain and hop[ing it will go away by itself?  Have you tried everything and you are still uncomfortable sitting, standing and walking?
  • Are you getting by but noticing your discomfort is impacting your family life, your work and the hobbies you used to love?  Are you tired, unmotivated and even fearful and don't know how to make the changes you want in your life and health?

In ALL 3 month programs you learn via The Alexander Technique:

  • How the body is designed to function.  So you can learn to move with less effort and have the energy to do the things you love. 
  • To FEEL your own tension.  So you can let it go and learn to be more comfortable sitting, standing and walking.
  • ​To RELIEVE tension and experience a sense of lightness.  So you can move through your day with less effort, have better range of motion and enjoy your life, work relationships and hobbies.
  • By creating relationships with others also interested in wanting to change their life and health.  So you can have a support network to change old habits, heal old injuries and PREVENT new ones from occurring.


90 Day Program so you can regain your youthful body

50 minute 1:1 session so you can get highly personalized instruction around relieving your pain and injuries as fast as possible.


Level 1- You want to prevent pain and improve your mobility.  This level provides a combination of group activity and individual attention within a group setting.  Learning occurs while receiving individual work and observing others.  Benefit from the support of the group.  This 2 hr session is limited to 10 individuals.





1-50 min



Level 3




The alexander Technique

What level should I choose?

Receive 1 Alexander Technique text so you can learn the science behind the Alexander Technique and heal your pain.

4 group classes a month with Andrea so you can learn to feel, relieve and prevent chronic pain.